Winnsboro, South Carolina

DUI Lawyer in Winnsboro, South Carolina

If you have been arrested on suspicion of DUI, you need a Strom Law DUI defense lawyer to help guide you through this challenging time in Winnsboro South Carolina.

Winnsboro, South Carolina

South Carolina State flagWinnsboro, SC, located just outside of Columbia, SC, is the county seat of Fairfield County. Located in the midlands but near the upstate, Winnsboro calls itself “A Town for All Time.” Fairfield County offers access to Lake Wateree and Lake Monticello and is located directly between Columbia and Charlotte, NC. Over 11,000 acres of the Sumter National Forest is also located in Fairfield.

Winnsboro is a popular stop for motorists traveling between the major cities of Columbia and Charlotte due to its location directly between the two destinations. Running directly through Winnsboro, Interstate 77 is one of the busiest highways in SC.

There are several famous landmarks in Winnsboro. Inside the original Thomas Company building is Laura’s Tea Room, a traditional tea room and popular tourist attraction. The Winnsboro Town Clock, which has run continuously for 100 years, is located in the town market and is now used as a community gathering space, polling location, and Chamber of Commerce. As an homage to its roots as a railroad town, Winnsboro is also the location of the SC Railroad Museum.

It is not uncommon for motorists to face charges for Boating Under the Influence. Charges for BUI should be handled by a seasoned attorney, just like any criminal defense charges. The Lake Wateree State Park is an access area commonly used for recreational activities.

The Fairfield County Courthouse is an important Winnsboro monument, constructed in Greek Revival Style. Constructed to resemble Greek Revival Architecture, the Courthouse of Fairfield County is a hallmark of Winnsboro. The courthouse is still operational even though it was initially constructed in 1823.

Most offenders in Winnsboro are housed at the Fairfield County Detention Center. The area is patrolled by various law enforcement agencies, including local police and the Fairfield County Sheriff’s Office. Upon arrest, individuals are either taken to FCDC or to the local police station.

Preparing Your South Carolina DUI Defense

Lawyer ReadingBeing convicted of DUI can change your life, now and forever. If you are charged with DUI, you need a thoroughly planned defense from a DUI lawyer.

DUI cases can be exceptionally confusing. Many small and co-dependent parts compose a legal DUI stop. This complexity is best approached with seasoned litigators like those at the Strom Law Firm. The nuances of the DUI system are best navigated by thoroughly trained DUI attorneys.

Founded in Columbia, South Carolina in 1996, the Strom Law Firm practices throughout South Carolina and Georgia. Our attorneys visit detention centers, local courthouses, and towns throughout the Southeast on behalf of our clients.

Because of the serious nature of a DUI charge, the consequences for conviction are sobering. If you are convicted of driving under the influence, you may face consequences including additional “high-risk” SR-22 insurance policies, loss of employment, and severe fines. These consequences are not just short-term adjustments, as many of these penalties can be carried with you for the rest of your life.

Driving under the influence charges need to be fought alongside a seasoned Winnsboro, South Carolina DUI defense attorney. Contacting an attorney as soon as possible is an important way to defend your rights.

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