Orangeburg, South Carolina

DUI Defense Lawyer in Orangeburg, South Carolina

If you have been arrested on suspicion of DUI, you need a Strom Law DUI Defense lawyer to help guide you through this challenging time in Orangeburg, South Carolina.

About Orangeburg, South Carolina

Map of Orangeburg, SCLocated in South Carolina’s Piedmont Region between Columbia and Charleston, Orangeburg, SC is the county seat of Orangeburg County, South Carolina. Known by residents as “The Garden City”, it is a town on the north end of the Edisto River. The county is home to SC State University, is the site of many prominent and historic landmarks.

South Carolina State University is an essential part of South Carolina history. South Carolina State is perhaps most famous for its role in the activism era of the 1960’s. Also located in Orangeburg is Claflin University, which brings similar prestige to the area.

Racial History is a point of historical interest in the city. Perhaps reaching a climax at the Orangeburg Massacre, civil rights protesters famously fought to defend their civil liberties.

Russell Street, directly in downtown Orangeburg, is one area that residents and visitors frequent. Orangeburg has an active nightlife scene with different bars and restaurants open late. Orangeburg is home to many social events, including the Annual Car Show on the Square, the Orangeburg County Fair, Homecoming events at Claflin and South Carolina State University, and the Eutawville Thanksgiving Day Parade.

The Orangeburg Courthouse is located at 151 Docket Street, Orangeburg, SC 29115. The jurisdiction is patrolled by the Orangeburg Department of Public Safety, with statewide offices also maintaining jurisdiction. The Orangeburg County Sheriff is Leroy Ravenell, and inmates are held at the Orangeburg-Calhoun Regional Detention Center at 1520 Ellis Avenue, Orangeburg, SC 29118.

Orangeburg DUI Defense Lawyers

Gavel on dark backgroundDUI is a serious charge in South Carolina that can mean severe consequences. Everything from your family life to your professional circumstances can be altered by a DUI. Since being charged and arrested with DUI, your life may have already seen significant changes. A DUI needs to be handled with the guidance of a professional attorney; too much is at stake for you to risk fighting this charge alone.

Cases involving Driving Under the Influence charges are complex and confusing. Many small and co-dependent parts compose a legal DUI stop. Attorneys like those at the Strom Law Firm have the experience to vigorously defend DUI charges. The individual facts and details of your case will be the focal point of our defense.

Founded in Columbia, South Carolina in 1996, the Strom Law Firm practices throughout South Carolina and Georgia. Our lawyers frequently visit myriad courthouses and jails throughout the SC and GA area.

DUI conviction consequences are designed to fit the severity of the crime. Some potential consequences may include pricy fines and SR-22 insurance policies. These consequences affect the long-term, not just a short time period after conviction.

The criminal justice system, at times confusing, is often more effectively approached with a criminal defense attorney. Enlisting the help of an experienced attorney is an important step in any criminal defense, especially with charges as complex as DUI. Contact our office right away upon being charged with DUI, and let us begin fighting for your rights.

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